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our approach to investing is solution based! Essentially, we’re looking for solid investment opportunities utilizing our flexible funding options.

More often than not we’ll have a solution that’s right for your circumstances and in the event we don’t, we won’t waste your time trying to force a square peg through a round hole!


Funding Solutions

HRI is in the business of providing Private Dual Benefit funding solutions. Uniquely, our in-house resources allow us to move swiftly, we don’t have to go looking for the money the financial circumstances just have to make sense and it’s a GO! This benefit alone translates to pure value for our clients because there are no hidden hands in the financing, which ultimately leads to a balanced equitable process with flexible terms.

50+ Years Experience


HRI’s proven process is managed by experts with 50 plus years of investing experience and we approach each investment opportunity as a unique singular event that requires multiple borrowing options. In our line of work, general conditions individuals experience may be similar but the nuances of ones circumstances always requires a unique unvarnished approach to manifest the best financing solutions.



We pride ourselves on being professionals and that means being knowledgeable about all potential options that could turn a perceived losing situation into a winner for our clients!

Market Knowledge

At HRI we specialize in providing residential financing solutions to homeowners experiencing serious time constraints with life changing deadlines!

Custom Financing Solutions

No situation is the same and traditional funders grade on a curve which leaves no room for some of life’s most undesirable circumstances! Providing unique funding solutions for homeowners and their families is all we do…
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